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Pure Mushrooms

New: Pure Mushrooms

The Dutch company Pure Mushrooms

Pure Mushrooms is a widely acclaimed mushroom supplement maker. The Dutch brand is seen by connoisseurs as unique. This is mainly due to the special quality of the well-known adaptogenic mushrooms that Pure Mushrooms supplies. These mushrooms are eventually delivered to the user in the form of capsules.


Below we have listed the range of Pure Mushrooms.

  • Lion's Mane
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi
  • Chaga

In addition to these beautiful products, the company also makes two different blends. Those are Fit Mix and Chill Mix.

Production process

All Pure Mushrooms products are organically made from start to finish. In addition, the products are both vegan and sustainable. In short: animals, nature and people are taken into account during the production process. That is very pleasant for the conscientious user.

Reasons to choose Pure Mushrooms

There are several reasons why a mushroom lover should choose Pure Mushrooms. We have therefore made a clear overview of this:

  • The mushrooms are always made on the basis of strong mushroom extracts
  • The analyzes of the production process can be checked again on their own site
  • The products have a remarkably high bioavailability
  • Completely organic, vegan and sustainable
  • Provides an increase in vitamin C
  • Deliveries are conveniently packaged, so that the package fits through the letterbox
  • High discounts
  • Decent prices

Chinese medicine

Finally, it can be said about Pure Mushrooms that the production process – and especially the beginning – largely takes place in China. Not without reason, of course. These Chinese farms place great value on nature. They only use traditional Chinese medicine. The products are therefore constantly checked, so that impure elements can be removed.

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