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Medihemp CBD capsules 25 mg (Raw) - 750 mg


Brand: Medihemp
Contents: 30 capsules
Total milligrams of CBD: 750 mg
CBD per capsule: 25 mg
Type of capsules: RAW (Full Spectrum CBD capsules)
Advantage: all cannabinoids present
Diluted with: hemp seed oil
Suitable for: children and adults

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Medihemp CBD capsules 750 mg CBD

The company Medihemp produces hemp products that are highly appreciated by users - and certainly by experts. Medihemp controls the entire production process to ensure that the correct method is applied at every step. This makes for example the CBD capsules, but also the CBD oils from Medihemp, highly recommended.

Completely organic

One of Medihemp's main ambitions is an organic production process. And organic really means one hundred percent organic. CBD capsules must end up with the user as a natural product. Therefore, only water is added during production. Everything is done to make use of hemp as nature intended.

The best quality CBD capsules

We have already mentioned it: the quality of Medihemp's products. It is frequently praised. Medihemp is in possession of the necessary certificates and has the hallmark of all important authorities. Yet they still think this evidence is not enough. That is why they occasionally engage a third party on their own initiative - an independent laboratory - to subject their own products to a critical look. Medihemp then publishes the results of these studies on its website. So quality and transparency.

CBD capsules as a modern aid

According to Medihemp's philosophy, CBD serves as a modern dietary supplement. It is an addition to the daily consumption of modern man. Note: healthy consumption. Because we sometimes tend to neglect our body, CBD capsules can be used to give that healthy extra. The goal is to enrich body and mind with the vitamins and minerals, the essential amino acids, the important fatty acids and the indispensable proteins.

Sustainable production

As mentioned, Medihemp emphasizes a biological, natural, sustainable production process. But what exactly does sustainable mean? Well, the company uses local farmers in Austria. The farmers do the work in the old-fashioned, sustainable way, without chemicals. These farmers are well paid for their hard work. Medihemp also thinks this is of great importance. When the farmers have harvested the hemp on their own land, the hemp is brought to Medihemp's laboratory. And that's where the end products are made.

Medical Claims 

We have briefly said that CBD capsules can be an extra for your body and mind. We cannot say more about the effects. Unfortunately, this is legally established in this way. Medical claims may not be made by us. If you still have some questions after reading the above information, please contact us personally.

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