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Dutchhemp CBD oil RAW - 10 ml - 7,5% - 750 mg - Natural


Brand: Dutchhemp
Percentage of CBD: 7,5%
Contents: 10 ml
Taste: natural
Number of drops: ± 250
Total milligrams of CBD: 750 mg
CBD per drop: 3 mg
Type of oil: RAW (Full Spectrum CBD oil)
Advantage: all cannabinoids present
Taste: nutty
Diluted with: hemp seed oil
Suitable for: children and adults

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Dutchhemp - good quality and affordable CBD

Dutchhemp is one of the most appreciated producers of CBD products, both for people and animals. The company is known for quality, price, organic production and much more. Especially the CBD oil is popular. Below we will list all relevant information about Dutchhemp, so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to try such a CBD product from Dutchhemp. Of course we hope that you will be as enthusiastic as we are after using it.

High quality for low prices

Dutchhemp puts almost all the money into production. No large amounts go to, for example, very expensive marketing campaigns. As a result, the products are of excellent quality, while the final price for the consumer can simply remain low. Best of both worlds. Dutchhemp hopes to give the widest possible audience the opportunity to try CBD. And as a user you reap the benefits.

Production of Dutchhemp

As mentioned, Dutchhemp therefore invests a lot of money in quality. But how does that work? We will explain that. Dutchhemp is in full control of every step in the production process. Everywhere is strictly controlled, so that the best product is ultimately delivered. Unlike many other companies in the CBD world, Dutchhemp only uses its own staff. This applies not only to the producers, but also to researchers and even lawyers. Everything to ensure that Dutchhemp can maintain its reputation.

Completely organic

Organic, natural and sustainable: that would be a good summary of the Dutchhemp production process. The method used is always focused on nature. Where energy can be saved, it should be. The environment is of great importance, and the end products must still be as natural as the ingredients with which they are made. Chemicals are therefore excluded from the production process at all times. They are simply never used.

Quality certificates

To ensure that the aforementioned quality is constantly confirmed, Dutchhemp has its own products and production process continuously checked by third parties. Reports are then drawn up and released in full - as transparent as always. Everyone can therefore check for themselves whether Dutchhemp really delivers the quality that they state so highly about. These reports are also available from us. So if you would like to take a look at the analysis report of this Dutchhemp Full spectrum / RAW CBD oil 10 ml with 7,5% CBD and natural flavor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Full Spectrum (RAW) CBD oil

The terms Full Spectrum CBD oil and RAW CBD oil are sometimes used interchangeably, and for good reason: they mean exactly the same product. The Full Spectrum / RAW CBD oil is an oil that is made by means of a cold extraction. This allows the important substances to be retained even after this extraction; substances such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes and phenols.

The difference between Full Spectrum / raw and Pure

The difference between Full Spectrum CBD oil and CBD oil Pure is quite simple: CBD oil Pure really only consists of CBD. Pure as in: pure CBD. While, as mentioned above, Full Spectrum CBD oil contains more than just CBD.


Before using the CBD oil, you should shake the bottle well. Administration works as follows. Apply droplets of CBD oil under the tongue. Leave the droplets there for a minute. Then you can swallow and if necessary rinse with water or another drink. And that was it. CBD oil is therefore very easy to take.

How much to use

The dosage of CBD oil is always difficult to capture in specific guidelines, because the suitable dosage really differs per person. We therefore recommend that you start with just 1-2 drops per intake moment, after which you keep an eye on the consequences for your body and mind. Use 2-3 intake times per day. After a few days you can increase the number of drops. Be patient. Your body needs time to get used to the dose.

Best way to preserve

Then switch to the storage advice. Place the bottle of CBD oil in a cool, dark place, such as a kitchen cupboard or bathroom cupboard. In any case, it is important to avoid too much contact with sunlight. After using the bottle, make sure that the cap is completely closed. It is also important to always clean the screw thread of the bottle when necessary. An opened bottle of CBD oil has a shelf life of approximately one year.

Medical Claims

CBD oil is completely legal in the Netherlands - and also in other European countries. Make no mistake about that. But what is less easily allowed are medical claims about CBD oil. That is to say: it is legally not possible for us to explain in detail what the effects of CBD oil on your body and mind are. Statements about CBD in relation to disease - or indeed health - are also prohibited. If, after reading the information provided on this page, you still have questions about CBD oil, or about Dutchhemp, it is better to contact us personally. We are ready to answer everything.

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