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Herbal tinctures

Botanicals4Life takes the most revered herb in the world back to the 21st century: Echinacea.

The Indians used the root of this plant to aid wound healing, insect bites, snake bites and fever. Much later, when the white population discovered the plant, it was given the name 'Echinacea', after the Greek echinus, which means sea urchin. The center of the flower, the cone, resembles an underwater hedgehog with its convex shape and spiny tube flowers.

Echinacea is also called purple coneflower and is an herb that strengthens the immune system, helps to prevent colds and flu.

The creators behind the Botanicals4Life brand are naturopaths Ben Shouler and Graham Botfield, co-founders of the popular brands Planet Paleo and Mushrooms4Life.

EchinaceaThe most popular herb in the world

The Echinacea species they use is the most widely used worldwide and also the most researched. This herb is searched for about 11.000 times a month in Google (the Netherlands).

What really sets Botanicals4Life products apart from others is the triple extraction process with alcohol and cold water. In this way, the bio-availability of important nutrients is maximized.

NB is in the final product no alcohol.

That's why you choose Botanicals4Life

* Unique production process with triple extraction.
* Monthly approximately 11.000 searches for Echinacea in the Netherlands.
* High quality for an affordable consumer price.
* From the same producers as Mushrooms4Life & Planet Paleo.
* Founded by two well-known naturopaths.
* 100% vegan and without additives and fillers.

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