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Extraction equipment

Do you want to make cannabis oil yourself? Which can. You will need several things for this, but the most important thing is extraction equipment.

Why extraction equipment?

Making cannabis oil starts with extracting a hemp extract from parts of the hemp plant. For this you need special equipment: extraction equipment.

Now there are two ways to obtain a hemp extract:

Warm extraction
Cold extraction

For any extraction method do you need other extraction equipment.

Warm extraction
Most people who make cannabis oil at home use the hot extraction method. For warm extraction, use a cannolator.

For just over a hundred euros you already have a good cannolator including supplies such as a bottle warmer, an air pump, a beaker, a single pipette bottle and a cleaning pen. There is even a leaflet explaining how to make cannabis oil using a cannolator.

Heating takes place with warm extraction. Due to this heating, certain substances are broken down and other substances are converted into CBD. That is why the hemp extract contains a lot of CBD, but less other useful substances.

Cold extraction
Supercritical CO2 extraction is the official name of the cold extraction method. The equipment required for supercritical CO2 extraction is large and very expensive. Therefore, this extraction method is really only used by professionals who make CBD cannabis oil for sale.

The advantage of cold extraction is that there is no heating. As a result, no substances are broken down or converted into something else. In other words: all useful substances from the hemp plant are present in the hemp extract.

The hemp extract as a result of cold extraction contains, in addition to CBD, other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN and CBG. In addition, this extract may also contain certain terpenes and antioxidants that are normally broken down when heated.

The cannabis oil that is made on the basis of this hemp extract is called CBD oil RAW or CBD oil Full Spectrum.

What more do you need?

We assume that you are not super rich and that you therefore opt for warm extraction.

In addition to a cannolator, you then need other things. We already mentioned the different instruments such as bottle heater, air pump, beaker and cleaning pen. These instruments are often already included in the cannolator packages available on the market.

However, to make cannabis oil yourself, you also need some raw materials and additives:

Hemp seed oil


For CBD cannabis oil you need hemp with a relatively high amount of CBD and almost no mind-altering substances. Now you have a choice:

Hemp especially for the production of CBD oil
Residual waste from industrial hemp

Hemp especially for the production of CBD oil

Nowadays there are growers who grow hemp especially for the production of CBD oil. This hemp provides very high quality CBD oil. It is more expensive than regular industrial hemp.

Residual waste from industrial hemp

Industrial hemp is mainly used for the production of rope, textiles, animal feed, ship tarpaulin, canvas and paper. The fiber-rich parts of the plant are used for this.

The other parts, such as flowers and leaves, used to be thrown away or burned. However, this residual waste is very suitable for the production of cannabis oil. It's also dirt cheap.

It does require a bit more work from you, because you first have to wash and dry the residual waste from industrial hemp before you can start extracting.


During the extraction process with a cannolator you use pure alcohol. This is an excipient. During the extraction process, the alcohol evaporates completely. You do not therefore have to be afraid of alcohol in the hemp extract.

You can buy pure alcohol online. It is intended for applications as mentioned above. You should definitely not drink this stuff pure. That is not healthy.

Hemp Seed Oil

When you have received hemp extract, you will mix it with a vegetable oil. The result is cannabis oil.

We recommend hemp seed oil as a mixture here, because your cannabis oil is made entirely from the same raw material. In this way you also benefit from other useful substances from hemp, such as various terpenes and fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil is relatively expensive. Alternatively, you can use any other vegetable oil. Olive oil, for example, is also very suitable. And it is much cheaper.

More information

Would you like to know more about extraction equipment? Or about making cannabis oil yourself? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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