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CBD oil RAW / Full Spectrum


CBD oil Pure

CBD oil

CBD oil is a food supplement consisting of a mixture of vegetable oil and CBD. Hemp seed oil is usually used as a mixture, but other vegetable oils are also possible.

The beneficial effect of CBD oil is based on the endocannabinoid system. This body system reacts to certain substances from the hemp plant such as CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG. We call these substances cannabinoids.

The endocannabinoid system affects other body systems such as the immune and nervous systems. The effect of CBD oil is based on this principle.

CBD oilDifference CBD oil and cannabis oil

CBD oil is not the same as cannabis oil, but there is a connection.

Cannabis oil is a mixture of a vegetable oil with a concentrated cannabis extract. Sometimes hemp with a lot of THC is used for this and sometimes hemp with a lot of CBD. Cannabis oil with THC is called THC oil. Cannabis oil with CBD is called CBD oil.

So, strictly speaking, CBD oil is a form of cannabis oil. However, when people say cannabis oil, they often mean THC oil. The term is preferred for cannabis oil with CBD CBD oil. The reason is to emphasize that CBD oil has nothing to do with cannabis as you can buy it in the coffee shop.

CBD oil contains no - or a negligible amount - of THC. It is therefore impossible to get high from CBD oil. Furthermore, CBD oil is completely legal. Our producers of CBD oil are professional companies that regularly have their own products tested by an independent laboratory.

Target group CBD oil

Everyone can benefit from CBD oil: the elderly, adults and children. CBD oil can even be useful for pets.

It is wise not to use CBD oil during pregnancy. It is likely that CBD oil has no impact on the development of an unborn child, but no one is completely sure. Hence.

Forms of CBD oil

There are many different types of CBD oil, but the most important division is between CBD oil Pure and CBD oil Full spectrum.

CBD oil Pure

CBD oil Pure contains only CBD and no other cannabinoids. This has to do with the production method.

As we mentioned earlier, CBD oil consists of a mixture of vegetable oil and a hemp extract with a lot of CBD. With CBD oil Pure, this hemp extract is obtained by means of a warm extraction. This involves heating.

This heating breaks down other cannabinoids or converts them into CBD. A bottle of CBD oil Pure therefore contains pure and only CBD.

CBD oil Raw / Full Spectrum

We also call CBD oil Full Spectrum CBD oil Raw. This form of CBD oil is made by means of cold extraction. No heating is used here and therefore all substances are retained.

That is why CBD oil Full Spectrum contains other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBN, CBC and CBG in addition to CBD.

Furthermore, CBD oil Full Spectrum contains other useful substances from the cannabis plant such as various terpenes, phenols and pigments.

CBD oil typesWhat kind of CBD oil to choose?

Our personal preference is for the 'richer' CBD oil Full Spectrum. Do you absolutely only want to try CBD? Then choose the CBD oil Pure.

What percentage of CBD?

CBD oil is available with different percentages of CBD. Most common are: 2,5%, 5%, 7,5%, 10% and 25%.


Most people choose a bottle with 5% or 10% CBD. If you have never used CBD oil before, it is best to start with the following strength: 5% -7,5%. When your body is used to the CBD, you can always switch to a stronger CBD oil.


For children, it is best to choose a lower percentage of 2,5% CBD, or possibly 5% CBD if your child is a bit older.


CBD oil for pets has a different classification, namely: 2%, 4% and 12%.

With pets you mainly look at body weight, because the less your pet weighs, the less CBD oil your four-legged friend needs. The following list provides a good guideline:

  • Small pets (1 kg - 10 kg): 2% CBD
  • Medium-sized pets (10kg - 20kg): 4% CBD
  • Large to very large pets (over 20 kg): 4% or 12% CBD

What is the correct dosage?

Two questions play a role in the correct dosage:

  • How many times a day?
  • How many drops at a time?

How many times a day?

CBD is only active in your body for a few hours. That is why it is best to take CBD oil three times a day: with breakfast, during lunch and just before going to bed.

If three times a day does not suit your schedule, you can also take CBD oil twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

How many drops at a time?

First week: When you start with CBD oil for the first time, 1 drop applies per intake moment. So one drop in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Second week: Your body is already a bit used to the CBD. Then go to 2 drops at a time.

Third week: Go to 3 drops at a time.

In this way you build up until you have found the ideal amount. But what is this ideal amount?

How much CBD per day?

About 30 mg of CBD per day is a good guideline. Note: you may already benefit from 10 mg or only 50 mg of CBD or more.

But how many drops is 30 mg of CBD? For your convenience, we have calculated this for you and have made a division according to the strength expressed as a percentage of the CBD oil.

* 2,5%: 30 mg CBD = 28 - 30 drops per day

* 5%: 30 mg CBD = 14 - 15 drops per day

* 7,5% 30 mg CBD = 9 - 10 drops per day

* 10%: 30 mg CBD = 7 - 8 drops per day

* 25%: 30 mg CBD = 3 drops per day

After this it is a matter of dividing the total amount of drops per day by the number of times of intake (3 times a day or 2 times a day).

Guideline not a law

The above is a guideline based on averages. As said, every body is different.

If you notice a positive effect with fewer drops, there is no reason to take more.

On the other hand, a little more drops per intake moment really does not hurt. As long as you don't overdo it, because as the saying goes: everything in moderation.

More information

Would you like to know more about CBD oil? Please feel free to contact with us.

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