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CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil is good for owner and for Fikkie (or Lassie, Max or Bella 😉). But a dog is not human. That's why special ones exist CBD oil for dogs.

On this page we tell more about CBD oil for dogs. What is the difference with CBD oil for humans? What CBD percentage should I choose for my dog? How many drops can I give? How often should I give CBD oil? Etc.

CBD for dogsCBD oil for humans versus CBD oil for dogs

The main differences are:

  • Other mixture
  • Lower percentage of CBD
  • No THC

Other mixture
CBD oil for humans is made by diluting CBD paste with a vegetable oil. Various vegetable oils are suitable for this, but hemp seed oil is usually used. The entire product is then made from the same natural raw material: the hemp plant.

Dogs are not such herbivores, however. They prefer a steak or a nice bone to chew. That is why salmon oil is used instead of hemp seed oil for CBD oil for dogs. Your dog likes it better and it is better for the stomach.

Lower CBD percentages
A small dog needs much less CBD than a large dog. And with dogs, that can make quite a difference. A labrador can weigh up to 25 pounds. A Chihuahua weighs about two pounds. For that reason, CBD oil has different CBD percentages. That makes a correct dosage easier. The CBD percentage of CBD oil for humans can sometimes be 30% to 2%. Our CBD oil for dogs contains 4% or XNUMX% CBD.

A CBD oil for humans can contain a maximum of 0,2% THC. This percentage is permitted by law. Our CBD oil for dogs is 100% free from THC.

What CBD percentage for dogs?

If your dog weighs less than 10 kilos: Choose the 2% Dutch Hemp CBD oil for dogs.

If your dog weighs more than 10 kilos: Choose the 4% Dutch Hemp CBD oil for dogs.

How many drops of CBD oil for dogs?

The number of drops of CBD oil per intake moment depends on the weight of your dog. The rule of thumb is: start with a low dose of, for example, 1 drop at a time. Increase the dose a little more each day until you reach the ideal dose. Minimum 1 drop, maximum 3 drops of CBD oil per 5 kilogram of weight.

By the way, don't worry that a small dog with 1 drop of CBD oil will already ingest more CBD than he needs. Our CBD oil does not contain any THC. It is therefore impossible for your dog to get high. There are also no known adverse effects of cannabidiol (CBD). A little more CBD than your dog needs is therefore absolutely harmless.

Tip: does your dog weigh 20 pounds or more? First try 1 drop per 10 kilos of body weight. Does the intended effect fail to materialize after about 2-3 weeks? Then you can always choose to increase the dosage to 1 drop of CBD oil per 5 kilos of body weight. Your dog may already benefit from a lower dose, which saves quite a bit on costs.

How often to administer CBD oil?

CBD is only active in the body for a limited time. That is why you must administer CBD oil to your dog several times a day. Administering CBD oil two to three times a day is sufficient.

Spread these intake times over the day as well as possible by administering the CBD oil in the morning, afternoon and / or evening.

Do you administer CBD oil?

A well-behaved dog is perfectly capable of following commands. One option to administer CBD oil to your dog is to train your dog to open his / her mouth on command so that you can start dripping.

The above method requires a lot of training, but fortunately there is an alternative. Mix the CBD oil with the dog food. Just make sure your dog eats everything. Only then can you be sure that your dog gets all the CBD in his / her body.

What CBD oil can help dogs with

A survey among experts by experience has shown that CBD oil can help with various health problems. This is of course no guarantee, but interesting to say the least. The health problems listed include:


There is little that evokes so much pity in a human as a frightened dog. It is logical that you as an owner want to prevent this at all costs. Fortunately, there is some evidence that CBD can calm dogs. This in turn can have a healing effect on, for example, fear of abandonment or noise.

CBD can also help with depression. Because yes, these problems actually occur in dogs. It's not just fear that is a problem. Depression can also cause all sorts of other problems, such as barking loudly, urinating in the house, or biting your things. Reasons enough to give CBD oil a try.


An aggressive dog is not just a problem for the dog itself. The environment of the dog can also become terrorized as a result. Including yourself. It is therefore nice if there are ways in which the aggression of dogs can be minimized. There are also indications that CBD oil can play a role in this.

-Disorders of the skin/coat-

The most common problems in dogs relate to the animal's skin or coat. No less than 20 percent of all dogs sometimes suffer from, for example, eczema, itching, or too much hair loss. These kinds of ailments are very annoying.

To find out the specific cause of skin and coat disorders, it is of course wise first to visit the vet. They can probably tell you exactly how the condition arose. In addition, there is absolutely no harm in giving CBD oil a try. It is possible that CBD relieves the symptoms of the condition. A gift for your dog.

-Lack of appetite-

When a dog does not eat, it is very frustrating for an owner. Perhaps your dog is constantly nauseous, which is the reason for the lack of appetite.

You could try CBD oil. CBD oil can help to alleviate digestive problems. And at the same time, CBD oil can ease the pain that comes with this. A good combination.

-Epileptic attacks-

It sounds strange: Seizures in dogs. And yet it can happen. CBD oil can also be helpful for these dogs. CBD oil can at the very least help manage such attacks.

Arthritis, or inflammation of joints

Dogs can also suffer from arthritis. This is a condition in which the joints of the animal are inflamed in an annoying way. As a result, your dog may have difficulty moving, or at least experience pain. CBD oil can especially relieve these pains.

-Other benefits-

A few more things can be added to the above list of possible CBD oil benefits for dogs. In short: CBD oil can inhibit inflammation (as we saw with the joints) and CBD oil can also strengthen the immune system.

So those are more general benefits for the dog's well-being, rather than fighting a specific condition. CBD is a substance that communicates in a certain way with so-called receptors. These receptors are located in the brain, but also in the nervous system and organs. In other words: CBD can have its effect throughout the dog's body.

CBD oil for dogs from Dutch Hemp

As far as we are concerned, Dutch Hemp's CBD products are the very best. They are therefore known for their excellent quality. And that also applies to the CBD products they offer for dogs. That is why we are only too happy to sell them.

Content of the CBD oil

Dutch Hemp CBD oil for dogs is a combination of hemp seed oil, salmon oil and natural CBD. The salmon oil in particular is an important addition, because your dog will like the taste of the oil. Rather important.

Finally, it is good to mention that no unnatural ingredients have been added to the CBD oil. You will therefore not give your animal any synthetic means. It is actually a natural product. Just like a dog deserves.


CBD oil is safe for dogs. However, it is not recommended to administer CBD during pregnancy and lactation. If in doubt about the use of CBD, for example giving CBD oil to the dog in combination with medicines, please consult your vet.

THC oil for dogs

Would you like to give your dog THC in addition to CBD and are you therefore looking for THC oil for your dog? We do not supply cannabis oil with THC ourselves. We do provide the tools to make THC oil yourself. For more information about obtaining THC oil, please contact us.

More information

Want to know more about CBD oil for dogs? Take contact us. We are happy to help you.

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