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CBD oil for cats

Why should you buy CBD oil especially for cats? What percentage of CBD oil for cats? How many drops of CBD oil should you give your cat? How often should you give your cat CBD oil? How do you ensure that your cat gets the drops of CBD oil? Below we provide the answers to these questions.

CBD for catsWhy CBD oil for cats?

Why should you buy CBD oil especially for cats? There are three main reasons for this:

  • Less CBD
  • Nice for cats
  • No THC and terpenes

Less CBD

An adult cat weighs on average between 3 and 5 kg. An adult human usually weighs anywhere from 60 to 100 kg. A cat therefore needs much less cannabidiol (CBD) to achieve the same effect.

For that reason, the CBD percentage in CBD oil for cats is lower than in CBD oil for humans. Some CBD oils for humans contain up to 25% CBD. Our CBD oil for cats contains only 2% or 4% CBD.

Nice for cats

To make CBD oil for humans, CBD paste is mixed with a vegetable oil. Usually this is hemp seed oil so that all ingredients come from the same plant, the hemp plant that is.

However, cats are real carnivores. They don't like fruits and vegetables. That is why the CBD for your cat is mixed with fish oil.

Our CBD oil is salmon oil. Not only is that better for cats, but it's also better for the cat's stomach.

No THC and terpenes

Our CBD oil for cats contains absolutely no THC (also no negligible amount of THC). Our CBD oil also does not contain terpenes for your cat. Terpenes in high concentrations can be harmful to cats.

What percentage of CBD oil for cats?

If your cat weighs less than 2 kilos: Choose the 2% Dutch Hemp CBD oil for cats.

If your cat weighs more than 2 kilos: Choose the 4% Dutch Hemp CBD oil for cats.

How many drops of CBD oil?

The CBD oil for cats that we sell contains 2% CBD or 4% CBD.

The following guideline applies to these percentages: minimum 1 drop, maximum 3 drops of CBD oil per 5 kilogram of weight.

A cat almost always weighs less than 5 kilos. In other words, you only need to give your cat 1-3 drops of CBD oil per intake moment.

By the way, with a lighter cat you do not have to worry whether you give too much CBD with one drop. CBD is not a mind-altering substance, so it is impossible for your pet to get high. And CBD has no other adverse effects either. So more CBD than your pet needs is no problem.

How often CBD oil?

CBD in your cat's body will wear off after a few hours. That is why you should administer CBD oil to your cat several times a day. Two to three times a day is enough.

It is best to spread these intake times over the day as well as possible: 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening. That is enough.

Administer CBD oil

How do you ensure that your cat ingests CBD oil two to three times a day? You can kindly ask your cat to open the mouth, but most cats are too stubborn to heed such a friendly request.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Mix a drop of CBD oil with the cat food. Just make sure your cat eats everything. Otherwise, it may happen that most of the CBD remains in the leftover food in the feeder.

Possible benefits of CBD in cats

There are a variety of conditions where CBD can come to the rescue of a cat. CBD is of course no guarantee that the problems will be solved. But there are enough indications that CBD can have a healing effect. The list of various diseases is long. We will discuss them individually below. Anyone who has a cat can judge for themselves whether CBD might be effective.

Inflammation of joints
For a long time, the common belief was that dogs were much more likely to suffer from inflammation in joints than cats. However, recent research shows that this is more nuanced. According to these results, cats are just as likely to suffer from such inflammations as dogs. Older cats are even more likely to develop these infections than dogs.

We can make that even more specific. A 2011 study found that a whopping 61 percent of cats six years of age or older had inflammation in at least one joint. In cats that were 14 years or older, this percentage was even 82 percent. The result of these inflammations is that the cat moves more difficult, often has pain and lacks energy. Such burdens obviously do not make a cat's life any more pleasant.

Fortunately, there are indications that CBD can help with this. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. The use of CBD can prevent the inflammation from spreading further through the cat's body. And apart from the physical effect on the condition itself, CBD can also ease the cat's experience of pain. A 2014 study yielded exactly this conclusion.

In addition, CBD oil contains hemp seed oil (CBD oil from Dutch Hemp even consists of 50 percent hemp seed oil) and this oil is the perfect mix of omega acids. This mix can in turn have a positive effect on the general health of the cat. In short: an accumulation of hopeful indications.

Stress and Anxiety
Not everyone is aware of this, but just like humans, cats can also experience intense stress and anxiety. From this follow similar symptoms as we experience in such situations. The causes of stress and anxiety in cats can be different. Perhaps there is a bad relationship with someone in the house, or with another cat. Or the cat already suffers a lot from other health problems, which amplifies the stress. A consequence of this stress can be that the cat will pee in the house. This is annoying for the cat, but also for you.

A little stress is of course no problem. The cat is grumpy, and that will pass on its own. It only becomes a problem when the cat experiences constant stress over a longer period of time. That has an effect on the health of the animal. An additional problem is that people do not notice it so easily when cats experience stress. This has a negative effect on the stress that the cat already has.

Various studies have shown that CBD can also offer a solution in this case. CBD can reduce stress and anxiety in cats by influencing cortisol levels. It also influences the receptors in the cat's brain that control the animal's mood. In addition, there is an effect on the neurological activity of the cat. All these factors together have the positive effect that the fight or flight response, as it is called, is better regulated. In plain Dutch: the cat reacts smarter to signals of stress and anxiety, and does not immediately panic every time.

The problem of aggression in a cat is similar to stress and anxiety. Therefore, CBD can also provide help in this matter. CBD can address the underlying causes. Here too, the cat's mood can be improved and the production of hormones can be sharpened.

Lack of appetite
A lack of appetite in a cat can also have various causes. Some well-known examples of such causes are dental problems and problems with the cat's mood. According to Linda Ross, a professor of veterinary medicine, the latter example plays a role most often. So the state of mind. Ross says that a lack of appetite is proof that the cat is not feeling well anyway.

The good news is that for CBD it doesn't matter what the cause is. CBD can positively influence a cat's appetite regardless of the cause. Often an underlying problem can also be treated by CBD. Examples of this are an ailment in the intestines or hormones that are not in balance.

Problems with the coat or skin
It's no surprise that sometimes a cat is itchy. That doesn't matter at all. It only becomes a problem when the itching lasts longer. Or when the itching leads to irritation. Or even to a skin rash. CBD can alleviate these effects.

Epileptic attacks
Yes, an epileptic seizure can also occur in a cat. Seizures occur in a cat when there is far too much electrochemical activity in the brain. This can also lead to problems in the brain after the attack. There is still a lot of research to be done in this area, but the first studies seem to indicate that CBD can reduce epileptic seizures. The best example of this is a 2015 study by the American Epilepsy Society.

Allergic reactions
When a cat has an allergic reaction, it is often due to a flaw in the immune system. The system reacts much more violently than necessary. CBD oil contains the right components to rebalance a cat's immune system.

Why CBD oil from Dutch Hemp

So much for our overview of the various conditions and benefits for cats. Finally, there is the question of why one should choose Dutch Hemp CBD oil. We do that too. We choose Dutch Hemp CBD products because these products are known for their excellent quality. There are no chemical ingredients. They are completely natural oils. It also contains absolutely no terpenes. So you really get exactly what you buy.

THC oil for cats

As mentioned, many cat owners prefer CBD over other substances from the cannabis plant to prevent the cat from getting high or stoned. But sometimes CBD oil alone does not have the desired effect. Then it is possible to try THC oil (that other form of cannabis oil). Of course it is necessary to proceed with great caution. A cat weighs much, much less than a human, which immediately increases the chance of a high. As a rule of thumb, you can never give more than one drop of THC oil per intake.

Make your own THC oil

It is difficult to purchase THC products online. That is illegal. But many web shops have come up with something for that. What is allowed is to purchase articles with which you can make your own THC oil. So you only need to purchase the products that you can easily get started at home. In this way you can produce the THC oil that you would like to give to your cat.

More information

Would you like to know more about CBD oil for your cat? Then take contact us. We are happy to help you.

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