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CBD And Kratom

Using CBD and Kratom

Here at Holland Naturals it's all about the amazing properties and benefits of both CBD and kratom! Both of these fine products are known to improve mood and overall well-being.

The effects range from warm, languid, constant and calm feelings, to a more euphoric, energetic and effervescent state of mind. You may prefer the peace of mind that comes with CBD, or you may prefer the versatility of kratom. Whatever your preference, it's good to know a thing or two about these natural ingredients that soothe discomfort. What matters is not only the individual effects they can cause, but also the result when you combine them!

These plants have been extensively discussed individually, but when you look online you will notice that there is not much to be found about using CBD and kratom together. If you're thinking about using a combination of CBD and kratom, you might have a few questions: Is it safe to use them at the same time? Is there a specific dosage I should watch out for? What type of strain (vein) works best with CBD?

Let's take a look at all these questions so you can enjoy kratom and CBD to the fullest!

Is it safe to use them at the same time?

A number of scientific studies state that kratom does not interact with our endocannabinoid system, but CBD does. In fact, these products work well together – you could even say that their effects are largely symbiotic. This makes it quite easy and safe to use them at the same time. However, this has to be done with specific dosages that depend on your height/weight and the purpose for which you are using them.

Is there a specific dosage I should watch out for?

If you want to use CBD and kratom together, you must first consult with an experienced expert, as we cannot make medical recommendations or prescribe a personalized dosage. It is always better to start with a small dose and gradually build it up until you achieve the desired effects.

We recommend starting with a low dose of 3-4g of kratom powder (about 1 teaspoon) if you are also taking CBD, and not taking more than 10-15mg of CBD if you are already using kratom.

What type of kratom strain works best with CBD?

This is a broader topic that needs to be thoroughly analyzed from several sides.

On the one hand, CBD in practically any form (oils, gummies, tinctures, topicals, etc.) can be helpful in reducing stress, anxiety or any other kind of discomfort that could be the cause of various problems.

On the other hand, we have learned that there are a number of different strains that determine what effect the kratom will have. Basically, there are three main types of kratom (red, green and white), and a newer kind that is still very rare and virtually unknown (yellow).

This means that it can have many benefits to combine kratom with CBD.

An important point to mention is that…

white vein kratom is especially good for energy and focus;
green vein kratom is good for inducing a positive and talkative mood;
red vein kratom is good for inducing rest and relaxation;
and the new strain, yellow vein kratom, is particularly known for producing milder effects of energy and positivity,

…now it's a lot easier to discuss how CBD will interact with one of these kratom strains.

Effect Using CBD and kratom at the same time

In short, combining CBD and kratom depends more on the strain of kratom than on the CBD. That's because kratom usually has stronger effects. So…

• A combination of red vein kratom and CBD is likely to provide deep, pleasurable feelings of serenity and relaxation as they have very similar effects. A combination of both will thus enhance the soothing feelings you get from each individually.

• A green vein kratom in combination with CBD will generate positive feelings and reduce high stress levels. With this combination, alleviating any type of discomfort is easily achieved.

• White vein kratom and CBD will make you feel sharp, focused, energized and positive, but in a very natural and even way.

These points should make the subject a lot clearer!

Of course it is a good idea to try out different products, blends and combinations. That will help you determine which combination works best for you, because everyone is different after all!

What is important is that you buy these products from a manufacturer you trust. And that's why we're here for you. Check out our collection to learn more about the types of CBD and kratom products we offer and to help you choose which ones are right for you!

Always make sure to consult an expert if you have any questions before use. Although our products are natural products, they are not intended for medical purposes. We want you to experience kratom in the most pleasant way possible, so make sure you eat something beforehand. Because on an empty stomach it can cause nausea!

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